General Counsel

Our firm is committed to assisting associations with their governance. Such services include, in part, drafting, amending and reviewing governing documents (including CC&Rs, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Architectural Guidelines, and Rules and Regulations), legal analysis and interpretation of governing documents in light of existing statutes and case law, providing associations with direction as to proper governance, reviewing maintenance and insurance obligations of associations and owners, drafting, negotiating, and reviewing contracts and other types of agreements, ensuring compliance with fair housing laws and other laws governing associations, assisting with transition from developer control to homeowner control, providing general corporate advice to associations, and generally assisting associations in addressing the myriad of legal issues that arise.

CC&R Enforcement

Enforcing the standards of a community is an important part of maintaining property values. Our firm provides advice and assists associations through the process of CC&R enforcement. Such advice and assistance include, in part, drafting or reviewing enforcement policies, sending violation letters to owners who are not in compliance with the association’s governing documents, filing suit, if necessary, to gain compliance, assisting through the process of trying to resolve disputes, and following any alternative dispute resolution provisions of the association’s governing documents.


Sometimes litigation is necessary for an association to preserve its rights, maintain the association’s property values, or act in the best interest of the association and the members. Our goal is to provide smart representation that takes into account all of the needs of the association when bringing suit on behalf of the association or defending the association in litigation matters.